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Making sense of all the options out there can be overwhelming. Bankable will help you get the best type of financing for your business.

The Right Capital, the Right Partners

Getting the right type of financing to fuel growth can be one of the most time-consuming, tedious, and stressful tasks of running a business. Bankable will help you achieve a clear direction on what you’ll need to get the right type of funding – ensure to use only the most reliable and experienced industry partners in helping you achieve your goals while freeing up your time to focus on your business.

Our Services

Operating Capital

For businesses, cash isn't king - cash flow is. We will help find you the solutions that ensure your operations are running smoothly all year long.

Equipment & Leaseholds

From construction equipment, specialty equipment, and entire interior buildout, a variety of financing can be available for you to build and scale.

Real Estate Financing

Bankable specializes in facilitating financing for a variety of owner-occupied and income-producing commercial units and buildings.

Franchise Financing

Guiding new and expanding franchisees to the right programs and lenders so you can start earning faster, while offering a seamless process from application to funding.

Comprehensive, Clean, & Concise Proposals

Working with our clients and partners to utilize the most current business tools, resources and data. Bankable will put together an end-to-end brokering solution that includes:

Company Profile

Lenders want to know more about your business than just the numbers. They want to understand your company history, number of employees, management team, business strategy, financial strategy, clarity on where you’ve been, and most importantly, where you’re headed.

Management Profile

Behind any great business is a great management team, and it’s incredibly important that prospective lenders understand what you and your team bring to the table. We highlight your strengths, opportunities, experience, education, and tenure, so lenders see you as someone worth betting on.

Financial Profile

A business is so much more than just numbers – which is why this is the last component. Here, Bankable will put together a summary of the key financial ratios lenders look for specific to your borrowing needs and industry, using your financial statements. At times, projections may also be needed to provide comfort in where you’re headed rather than where you’ve been.

Supplementary Folio

Bankable will compile a supplementary folio of documents that lenders will require based on your specific financing requirements. Financial Statements, Personal Statement of Affairs, Articles of Incorporation, Share Structure, Invoices or Quotations, Purchase Agreements, and Proof of Equity Injections or Deposits. More information would be required based on specific scenarios.

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